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  Glenn Brown

We have been bringing hunters on memorable hunts throughout Alberta Canada for over 23 years.

Blue Bronna Outfitting is a medium size company usually having 4-6 hunters in camp at a given time with large areas for each guest to hunt in.  Most hunts are done with one guide to one hunter unless requested otherwise.  Western Canadian hospitality can be expected with hunts being done from comfortable bush tent camps in the mountains or boreal forest or staying at our home for prairie deer hunts. Our goal is to find you the animal you are looking for as conveniently as possible.

•••> Spring Bear Hunts

Our Spring Bear Hunt is in Northern Alberta near Slave Lake.   The area supports a good number of bears with a healthy proportion of large males and approximately 30-40% color phase bears from white through dark chocolate.  Hunters may take two bears and hunt wolves at this time of year.

The base camp is generally a bush tent camp with bunk beds and wood stoves providing a clean dry setting for yourself and your gear.  Bedding can be provided however most hunters like to bring their own sleeping bag (please clarify your needs with us before coming).  The scenery is gorgeous at this time of year with the country going from brown to lush green in just a short couple weeks.

When ever more than two hunters are in camp (we generally have 4-6 hunters per camp) Blue Bronna has a cook on staff.  A typical day starts around 10:00 A.M. with a brunch followed by skinning bears from the previous night, or fishing.  Some hunters like to go out and hunt from noon to three followed by a meal and serious hunting taking place from 4-11 o’clock P.M.  Usually another meal and socializing wrap up around 1:00.

Typically we have hunters fly into Slave Lake or we can meet you in Edmonton and arrange for a vehicular pick up.  The drive from Slave Lake to our base camp is about 50 minutes or 3.5 hours from Edmonton to the base camp.  Upon arrival in Edmonton we usually use the Nisku Inn (780 955 7744) or the Executive Royal Inn (780 986 1840).

•••> Moose Hunts

Blue Bronna has located its northern moose hunts in WMU 511 as we found that 3 out of the top 10 Western Canadian bulls coming out of Alberta have come from this area.  We expect that meat bulls are usually 30 inches and good bulls in the area being anywhere from 40-60 inches

We have a base camp with wall tents, bunks, and wood stoves in the center of the zone which is accessible by vehicle.  We generally use ATV’s to get us to locations where there are bulls and then spend the morning and evenings calling on lakes or swamps.  In some circumstances we will use spike camps on tough to reach lakes or areas of the zone.

Canadian Moose Trophy Hunters can fly into Edmonton and drive to our base camp approximately 3.5 hours away or they can fly into Slave Lake and drive approximately 1 hour.

•••> Shiras Moose Hunts

In Southern Alberta we have both bow and rifle Shiras Moose rut hunts.

In 2005 we took the world record Shiras Moose with a bow.  This bull was a 59 inch 13*13 scoring 503 3/8ths.

He was not the only big bull located here and we have seen bulls over the 60 inch mark.

We generally run about 12 moose hunters per year trying for quality rather than quantity hunts.

The bow hunt is done from a cabin with your experienced guide doing the cooking.  Remote camps usually consist of Bush tents with wood stoves and bunk beds.  Any camps with 4 to 6 hunters have a cook.  Spike camp situations of 2 or less hunters generally are done in a situation where the guide takes care of the cooking.  In these spike camps some prepared food is generally taken in so as to facilitate the ease of cooking.  Great Canadian food is a staple in all camps.

•••> Elk Hunts

In Southern Alberta we have both bow and rifle Elk hunts.

We have a short pre-rut bow season usually running from September 5-6 until September 16th.  This is an awesome hunt with generally very good chances at 300” + bulls.  Chances of encountering other hunters are slim and generally we have over 800 sq. miles to hunt in.  We take only 4-6 hunters during this time and usually suggest two on one hunts as more than one bull is generally called in at a setup.  Our success rate has been very high rivaling that of our rifle hunters.

Alberta’s rifle season opens on September 17th which makes this one of very few places where elk can still be hunted during the rut with a rifle.  This early season hunt has been very much in demand over the past few years and may be a prime reason for Blue Bronna achieving a 80-90% shot taken rate with greater than 70% take home rate.  We ask hunters not to shoot less than a 5 pt. bull as small bulls are easy to call in and we generally can find a better bull during the course of a hunt.

Accommodations are generally bush tents with bunk beds and wood stoves.  You may hunt from a spike camp accessed by ATV or horseback.  During the early season the elk are generally closer to roads so we do use mobile camp trailers as well as the tent settings.   In September and early October the weather is generally very nice with warm days and frosty nights but heavy snowfall can occur any time in the mountains.  Although November can have cold (-20) and snow it can also be snow free and warm so hunters need to be prepared for any type of weather.  Rain is not usually expected in any serious amounts.

•••> Mule Deer

With our Prairie Hunts hunters can expect to see from 5-25 bucks per day and we tell hunters not to shoot bucks under 170 inches as they will see one better than this during their hunt.

Our Mountain Mule Deer Hunts are for the hunter who wants it all.  The beauty of the mountains and the challenge of taking a great muley in this awesome country is outstanding.  The country is physically challenging but even though you will not see as many quality bucks per day as on the prairie hunts your chances of getting the once in a lifetime 200+ muley are good.

White tail hunts are done from our home in Three Hills, 1 ? hours north east of Calgary, Alberta.  Lodging is in clean rooms with indoor washrooms, showers and clothes washer & dryer available.

This hunt may involve horses or ATV’s as transportation with probably some hiking needed to reach your prey.  Your home will be a wall tent camp with bunks to sleep on and a wood stove for heat.  If you are in a spike camp your guide may well be your cook however  most muley hunts are done from a base camp with a cook available.  Come prepared for plenty of fresh air, exercise, and outdoor scenery.

•••> Whitetail Hunts

Blue Bronna Outfiitters are finding more and better quality bucks than ever.  Any hunter can expect to see bucks in the 135” range daily with a chance at a buck over 150”s during the course of a weeks hunt.

Bucks in the 160-180” range have been regularly sighted.  With  the help of our great guides and a little luck booner bucks are possible.  Remember even in Alberta a booner is only found in 1/700 bucks harvested.  As always the key to shooting a larger buck is passing up the smaller ones.


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