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  Lyle Duperron
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(780) 927-4088


Lightning D Outfitters is located in Northern Alberta, Canada, close to Fort Vermilion.  Our territory is adjacent to Wood Buffalo National Park, providing the ideal environment for Outdoor Adventure in some of Canada's most breathtaking scenery.   We are proud to offer the biggest venue of opportunities in the outfitting business, with expeditions for a wide variety of North America's most prized Big Game species, including Buffalo / Bison, Black Bear, and Moose. In addition, we offer excellent Waterfowl & Upland Bird Hunts, an unforgettable Remote Trophy Fishing experience, and trapline tours where we carry on the age-old tradition of trapping.   For those who want to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful part of the world we also offer non-hunting or ecotourism adventures.


What it comes down to is that if you can imagine it, Lightning D can provide it when it comes to guided hunting, fishing and outdoor experiences. From photography and bird watching to hunting and fishing, Lightning D is ready, willing and able to satisfy your every wish.

Lyle has been a resident in the province of Alberta his entire life and began as a guiding assistant when he was just 14.  Lyle’s family has been living from the land for over 400 years in Canada and he is proud to bring this knowledge and tradition to clients to make their experience with Lightning D truly memorable.   His philosophy is that hunting or fishing is an entire experience and at the end of the trip what you really want are some memories that will last a lifetime.  There’s not much to tell when you fill your tag on the first day, but the campfire stories will go on for years of the experience that pushes you to the limit. 

Lyle takes his role very seriously when it comes to wildlife conservation. As a member of APOS (Alberta Professional Outfitters Society) he has his annual allotment of tags, but as he points out, conservation comes first and business is second when it comes to being a steward of the land. " I feel it’s important to know your surroundings and know what the proper limit is.  If I think 15 is the right number, that’s what I’m comfortable with. We all have a responsibility to manage the resource and to take an active role in conservation.”


Alberta is located in western Canada as seen on the Canadian map. Alberta is joined by Montana to the south, British Columbia, to the west, Saskatchewan, Canada to the east, and the North West Territories to the North. Because of the very diverse topography including mountains, foothills, plains, and boreal forest, Alberta offers excellent hunting opportunities for all. Most of WMU 534 and 540  (East of High Level, West of Wood Buffalo National Park) remains untouched by human hands and offers unequalled wilderness experiences!!


Free ranging wild buffalo are one of North America’s most unique and impressive trophies. One of the few places you can hunt wild, free-ranging buffalo is in Alberta.  Most of these buffalo live within the unfenced boundaries of Wood Buffalo National Park, right beside WMU 534 and 540 where Lightning D Outfitters operate and may be hunted.  Lightning D Outfitters offers one of the very few opportunities to hunt these magnificent animals in a truly fair chase situation.

Lyles says hunting bison isn’t about the harvest, it’s about the experience and because the animals are not what we perceive them to be, a typical hunt is 10 days in the wilderness.  “It’s no easy job,” he began when asked about a typical buffalo hunt. “Sometimes you can get really lucky. But they’re not big, dumb, lumbering animals and you’re not sitting on the side of hill like in the movies waiting for a herd to run by.  “They live in very remote wooded areas and it’s very demanding. Some of these animals can weigh up to 3,300 pounds and once we had to pull a bull out sevenmiles. It can be extremely difficult but those are the kinds of hunts that create memories you talk to your grandchildren about.”

We have a comfortable wood stove heated cabin close to the planned hunting area. Camp is accessed by snowmobile.

We take a maximum of 4 hunters at a time for a 10 day hunt.

We have two 10 Day hunts avaliable.  Our season starts at the end of February and ends in the first part of March.  Days are longer and the weather warmer during this period. Temperatures can range from 30 below 0 to the 40's.

    •    $7,500 (USD) for a 10 Day Hunt.
    •    Does not include snowmobile rental.
    •    50% down at the time of booking, balance due 30 day before hunt.

Once you've been black bear hunting with Lightning D Outfitters in Northern Alberta you won't want to hunt anywhere else.

Alberta is estimated to have over 36,000 black bear! Lightning D Outfitters hunt in WMU 534 which has one of the highest black bear populations found anywhere in the province. Because of the remote nature and size of our hunting area, much of it has never been hunted and continually supplies black bears of impressive sizes. Our Spring Bear Hunt offers up to a 2 bear per hunter harvest with a very high success rate and and excellent percentage of colour phase black bears ranging from blondes to dark browns.

Our baited hunts use select hunting locations scouted by Lyle every season. We utilize tree stands or hunt from ground positions depending on which we feel will be the best method for your success. We offer both archery and rifle hunts.

This is a great area and we are taking some quality trophy bears each season.

We hunt over baits which has proven to be very successful for archery, rifle or black powder hunters.
Most of the archery stands are between 15-25 yards and most rifle shots are around 20-50 yards. We use ground blinds in some areas.  Full camouflage is required for the archery hunters and it is better for all hunters. Although we are not an archery only outfit, we meet all the needs of archery hunters.

We have 40 bait sites and only 4 hunters in camp so you will get quality opportunities. The bait we use is the very best.  Along with many other baits we extensively use beaver for the best possible results.

We take a maximum of 4 hunters at a time for a 6 day hunt.

We have four 6 Day hunts avaliable.  Our season starts at in the first week of May and concludes in the last week of the month.

    •    $3,500 (USD) for a 6 Day  1 Bear Hunt.
    •    $4,000 (USD) for a 6 Day  2 Bear Hunt.
    •    50% down at the time of booking, balance due 30 day before hunt.
    •    All Hunts are 2 hunters on 1 guide.

The majestic moose (Moose is derived from the Algonkian name meaning "eater of twigs") is one of the most sought after game animals in the world!  Their stately stature and extraordinary physical form make a moose hunt an unparalleled experience.  Lightning D Outfitters offers a fall moose rut hunt in northern Alberta that will be an experience of a lifetime.

The Lightning D Moose Hunts occur in late September through early October when the rut is in full swing. Those who have experienced it will tell you that calling a trophy bull and watching him approach you is a real adrenaline rush!  We also Spot and stalk and use canoes to take advantage the prime moose habitat - lots of willowy areas around the lakes and plenty of waterplants along lakeshore.


    •    $5,500 (USD) for a 6 Day  1 Moose Hunt.
    •    50% down at the time of booking, balance due 30 day before hunt.
    •    All Hunts are 2 hunters on 1 guide.
    •    Maximum 4 hunters per camp.

You travel, but you're not a tourist.

You want to experience widlelife in its natural habitat, and explore the beautiful remote Canadian North.

You want to be sure your vacation helps to support the environment and local conservation efforts where you travel.

You've come the right place!

At Lightning D both Lyle and Erin Duperron are proud to offer completely unique, educational and exciting eco tours in Northern Alberta Canada.

Wildlife Tours

With Lyle as your guide come view caribou, sand hill cranes, 4 types of owls, 3 types of hawks, 3 types of geese, 2 types of loons, 5 types of falcons, a variety of ducks, golden eagles, bald eagles, trumpeter swans, blue birds, giant redheaded pilated wood peckers, blue heron, 4 types of grouse, ptarmigan, jays, snakes, 2 types of deer, moose, bear, coyotes, wolves, wild free roaming buffalo, wild horses, lynx, otter, beaver, martin, fisher, wolverines, squirrels, weasels, and fire flies.

Nature Trips and Activities
We offer canoe trips over a myriad of lakes and rivers with lots of diversity and experiences.  You can also come out for wagon rides with the Lyles and Erins team of horses.   In the winter we have over 520 miles of excellent tracks ideal for cross country sking.

3 to 6 day trips are available.
Call for specific dates.
Price: $300.00 per day

Are you searching for phenomenal fishing, beautiful scenery and a relaxation experience that is like no other?

Lightning D Outfitters is committed to offering you a fishing Adventure you will never forget.

With years of experience in the area (WMU 534, WMU 540), Lyle has fishing secrets that he keeps to himself. “If I told everyone, they wouldn’t be secrets,” he laughs, “but there are plenty of great lakes in the area I work in and if you want a fly-in experience, we can accommodate that." “The fishing is all on trophy lakes and you can fish for anything from northern pike and walleye to lake trout and burbot.”

Summer Trips
June & July.
3 to 6 day trips,  Call for specific dates.
Species:  Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye  (catch and release)
Price: $300.00 per day plus licences

Winter Trips
Book in conjunction with Trapline Tours or our Eco Tourism Tours
Call for specific dates.
Species:  Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and burbot (catch and release)
Price: $300.00 per day plus licences


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