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  Frank Martens
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Alberta Moose Hunts / Rut moose hunts

Get a thrill of a lifetime with big game hunting. Experience remote quad trails, comfortable lodging and good quality game. Start the day with a good hearty breakfast and end it with friendly campfire chatting. Enjoy memorable and exhilarating moose hunting adventures in  northern Alberta.

Our moose hunts typically start with us quading along trails to our camp which is beside the peace river. From there we go with 16foot boat with honda outboard along the river to the islands and walk behide the island to call the moose into range. Hunters can inspect to walk 2 miles a day.

This is where we stay for the entire six day hunt. Day to day hunting  generally includes hunting from sunrise to sunset and returning to camp for evening meal. We have treestands over looking big praires were hunter can sit and watch as the guide
calls in the trophy moose. There's always the spectacular view you can't miss, watching animals swim across the mighty peace river. There's always a cook in camp to have the meals ready for the hunters. Temperture very from 25 to 50 Fahreneit. Please be
prepared for extreme climate change, good footwear, jackets, or clothing is essential.

Hunters can use rifle, bow, or crossbow to hunt there moose. The average moose antler size range from 30" to 50" inches wide. The rut season  begins late september and ends mid October. Normaly we have 6 day hunt from monday thru to saturday. But longer hunts can be arranged. Moose will be quartered and brought  out for you. Arrangement can be made to have the meat cut and wrapped, just minutes  away. These hunts are taken place in WMU 535. In northern Alberta
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Alberta Moose Hunting




Archery only Moose Hunting

Our archery moose hunting starts with a quad ride deep into the woods were we stay in a cabin beside the little buffalo river. These Alberta moose hunts are spot-stalk, this time of the moose antlers are still in velvet. We stalk moose at the moose feeding area when the moose are tame because, NO OTHER HUNTERS, and just before the gun hunters. most bow shots at moose will range from 20 to 60 yards. Moose hunters ride with quad to check out open logged off areas were they feed to find your trophy moose. Hunters could inspect to walk a couple miles a day in wet grass and brush. Full time cook in camp to keep the camp clean and meals ready. Archery moose hunting season temperature range from 20 to 65 F. Our only dates are August 25th to 29th 2009. NO SUNDAY HUNTING This hunt takes place in WMU 528 in northern Alberta, Canada.


Alberta Bear Hunts
Spring Bear Hunting

Come on out and take part in some exciting bear hunts. We normally see 15 to 25 bears a week, from yearlings to boonies. We have boonies on video. Pope-young bears are taken yearly with archery. These bear hunts are at action packed bait stations. We have several remote bait sites set up bear hunters for gun or archery. An average shot at a bear is about 15 yards perfect for bow hunters. Top Notch Adventures quad in to our bear stations. And we start to bait bears in mid April to beginning of June. We have bear in all color phases from black, brown, blond, and each hunter can take 2 bears. 100% shot opportunity. 100% success rate.

Top Notch Adventure will prepare the bear for your needs, either full mount, shoulder mount or rug. We normally have 6 days hunt but it can be change to your schedule. Use fix tree stands and enough room for couple guys if somebody want to video tape there bear hunt. The temperature is normally 40 to 70 F Hunters can use either gun, bow or crossbow. best hunt dates are mid May to end of May. Temperatures vary from +10 C to +25 C  For fall bear hunting we would hunt in the first three weeks of September, and the weather is cooler. If you want the animal caped, we'll prepare the trophy for the taxidermist. and make arrangements to have it done.
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Alberta Bear Hunting
Fall Bear Hunting

All similar to our spring hunting. In our fall hunts it can be arrange that we bait the bears or if you want an exciting
spot-stalk hunt. If you want more action spot-stalk is the way to go. We hunt the fields were the bear come to feed. These shots could be from 20 to 200 yards.



If you are considering a spring or fall bear hunt, consider this – Frank Martens runs a professional outfit and I don’t think that you can find a better hunt or experience. Frank’s hunting area is full of bears, the feeding stations are extremely active and you are going to see a lot of bears; if your goal is to take two bears – there should be no problem accomplishing that goal.

Top Notch is an absolute understatement! The first three days of my spring bear hunt—with a muzzle loader—were consumed by watching and photographing bears; what a fantastic experience.

The first day, I saw nine bears; during five days of hunting I saw 44 bears! Each day of my hunt, I saw so many bears that I could have filled both bear tags during any give day.

The La Crete area is known for hosting a large percentage of color phase bears and for good reason too, they are all over the place. During my hunt, I saw blonds and browns; for a long time I have wanted a blond bear – that desire was accomplished during Day 4 with a blond measuring 6 1/2 feet in length and weighing in at 204 pounds.

Toward the end of Day 5, I took a nice 7 foot black that tipped the scales at 357 pounds and green scoring 18 2/8 Boone & Crockett points which is enough to make the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association’s “Long Hunter” record book. I saw larger bears but was enjoying the experience so much, I didn’t shoot!

Top Notch Adventures’ cabin for bear hunters is large, comfortable and well appointed. Kathy Martens’ meals are tasty, served in ample quantity and fantastic; if you get hungry, it’s your own fault!

Bear hunting near La Crete with Top Notch Adventures has got to be one of Alberta’s best kept secrets. As I said earlier, “Top Notch” is an understatement!

Book with Frank at Top Notch, you will be glad that you did.

Regards & good hunting,

Bart Saunders
Norman, Oklahoma

Frank Martens and family,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the incredible hunt you provided to me and my friend. You exceeded our expectations from the hunt itself, the accommodations, the cooking, and just the atmosphere you and your family provided. As I told you, I searched for months on the internet and made many phone calls looking for an outfitter that was dedicated and knowledgeable about bears. You proved to be just that.

It still boggles my mind about the quantity and quality of bears you have there. The color phase, size, and numbers of bears your area hosts is amazing. I have been on many of bear hunts over the years and can honestly say that my friend and I saw more bears in four days than my typical group of 4 hunters have seen on 4 previous bear hunts collectively! Alberta is second to none in my opinion.

Thanks again for the awesome experience! We will be seeing you again soon.  -


Cabin Accommodations

Our Base camp is a 14x20 cabin with 8x14 covered deck. Comfortable beds, Electric heater, Shower (we supply clean towels). Our meals will be served by a full time cook. We also have laundry facilities, washer, dryer. Most of our camps are sleep 4 but  arrangements can be made for more hunters. We also use have other camps with cabins that have wood heaters and comfortable beds. All our camps we have a full time cook to keep the camp clean and meals ready for the hunters and guides when coming in from the hunt. Weather could range from 20 to 70 F depending on what hunt you take.

What to Bring
    •    warm sleeping bag
    •    knee high boots
    •    warm jacket
    •    camp shoes
    •    insect repellent
    •    rain suit
    •    camera
    •    personal stuff
    •    gloves
    •    shooting device
    •    binoculars
    •    flashlight
    •    range finder


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