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Trophy Hunters Alberta offers Top Quality Hunting Experiences and the Best Hunting Value

Trophy Hunters Alberta (THA) is a family run operation that offers big game hunting for Mule DeerMoose, Whitetail Deer and Elk  throughout central and southern Alberta for both rifle and archery hunters. THA has received multiple awards for harvesting the largest species in their respective categories over the past few years. Each year at the annual APOS (Alberta Professional Outfitters Society Convention, there are only eight awards available to the Province's 450 outfitters for species hunted by THA and the odds of winning one of these coveted awards is less than 2%. This past year, we received the award for the 'Largest Elk, Archery on an Outfitted Hunt'. We recently also received the award for the 'Largest Mule Deer, Archery on an Outfitted hunt'. In previous years we have also won the award for the 'Largest Whitetail - Archery on an Outfitted Hunt' on two occasions and the award for the 'Largest Moose - Archery on an Outfitted Hunt'. We have access to the best area and guides in the province!

We are the only outfitter in the province that has won awards for each of our big game (Mule Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer and Elk)

If you are looking for a future hunt in beautiful Alberta, now is the time to get serious. You will not see us at any shows, as we do not have to attend shows to sell our hunts. The majority of our hunters are repeats and referrals. Our reputation speaks for itself. You may contact our references to discuss their experience with THA.

At THA, we have the experience and ability to totally customize an Alberta hunt according to your specific desires and expectations. We know what we are doing and we get results. Due to our variety of big game allocations, we are able to offer more flexibility in time, location, terrain and hunting style than any other outfitter in Alberta. We have great people, great resources, and some of the absolute best hunting access in the province. We utilize a minimum of three questionnaires for each of our hunters to help tailor our hunts to our client preferences - we know of no other outfitter who is this thorough in the planning of their hunts.

All of our 'camps' are customized, small and personal with typically only 2 to 4 hunters, the guide(s) and a cook in any one camp. We pride ourselves in our sharp pricing, small camps and excellent service. We do not use a central facility, such as a lodge, as that would severely restrict our hunting options. Instead we operate many small camps located where the animals are, not where it might be more financially advantageous to us. We also have the capacity to accommodate larger groups upon request, however the daily hunting parties would be broken up using several different guides to spread the hunters out and provide more manageable opportunities for each individual hunter.

For our 2010 Rifle hunts, we have limited openings remaining for both rifle elk and rifle moose hunts at $5,500 to 6,000/hunter. We are also booking both rifle whitetail deer and rifle mule deer at $4,000 to $6,500/hunter with availability for each species.

For our 2010 Archery hunts, we still have availability for our archery mule deer at $4,000 to $5,000/hunter, archery whitetail deer at $4,000 to $5,000/hunter both in the highly productive prairies and the foothills of SW Alberta. We have openings for our archery moose hunts at $4,000 to $4,500/hunter and openings for our archery elk hunts $4,000 to $4,500/hunter. Several moose and elk archery hunts can be combined with additional species if desired.

All our big game hunts are fully guided with 2 hunters per guide and are all-inclusive (accommodation, meals, rough caping & transportation throughout the scheduled hunt). There are no hidden, or surprise, charges and no trophy fees:

  • 1:1 guiding is available at an additional cost of $1,500/week
  • Non-hunters welcome: $1,500/week

All hunt pricing is in US$ and licenses and tax are extra. For additional information please review the rest of our website. You may also view our photo gallery, which has hundreds of photos of many successful hunters that have been with us in the past.


Mule Deer

Mule Deer are our specialty!

Trophy Hunters Alberta is Alberta's premiere Mule Deer outfitter, owning some of Alberta's best allocations for the species throughout central, eastern and southern Alberta. THA owns 235 big game mule deer allocations, representing more than 6% of the mule deer allocations in all of Alberta. With about 450 Outfitters in Alberta, we certainly have the most flexibility possible. The Province of Alberta has the enviable reputation of being the destination of choice for hunters in search of a world class quality mule deer hunt.

Most years, our hunters have 100% hunt success when mule deer is their primary species and in each of the last ten years, our mule deer rifle hunters have harvested several huge mulies scoring 170 to 190+ B&C!

Our Open Country Foothills and Prairie spot and stalk style Mule Deer hunts have gained widespread acclaim in recent years by hunters from all over North America and beyond. These are our most popular hunts and many of our mule deer hunters routinely report seeing over 100 mule deer per day during their hunt. Officially, we state that we hope to show our hunters minimum 140 class mule deer, however our experience indicates that each year many of our hunters harvest 160 to 180 class muleys and sometimes 190+ class. THA offers both archery and rifle hunting experiences in some of Alberta's finest mule deer territories.

The world record non-typical Mule Deer comes from Alberta.




Trophy Hunters Alberta is Alberta's premiere Moose outfitter, owning some of Alberta's best allocations for the species throughout the forested area leading into the slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. THA has 62 moose allocations offering both archery and rifle hunting experiences. Prices for moose hunts in Alberta are typically about half of the price charged for a moose hunt in Alaska, the Yukon or in British Columbia. Trophy Hunters Alberta is renowned for its moose hunting successes in Alberta.

THA hunters can hunt Alberta for the Western Canada moose, the second largest sub-species in the moose family where our opportunity rate is usually between 75% to 90%. The harvest rate is generally 85%.


THA's premium moose hunts take place in the coniferous forests and willow muskegs of west-central Alberta, in the foothills of the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The more southern WMUs actually border on spectacular Banff National Park with its incredible scenery. Our moose hunts are conducted over hundreds of square miles of rich wilderness habitat supported by a well-managed and moisture-abundant regional biology.

THA has an excellent track record for our moose hunts and is well known for its moose hunting successes in Alberta. THA was the recipient of the APOS (Alberta Professional Outfitters Society) Award for 'Largest Moose - Archery on an Outfitted Hunt'. We are also very proud of the former world record Shiras moose killed in Southern Alberta by Brad Miller that scored 461 7/8 SCI and had a spread of 61 inches!

We hunt moose using various methods to attract the moose to our hunters. If one method is not working, we can change the plan and/or location as required. During the moose rut season, which usually occurs during late September through the middle of October, we will frequently be calling moose with cow calls and/or bull grunt calls. If the bulls are unresponsive, we will cover as much territory as possible utilizing ATVs on our rut hunts and 4x4s on our late season hunts to find our bull moose. No matter which method of transportation is utilized, we expect to do a fair amount of walking/stalking to find, and get close to, our bull moose.

Accommodations for our moose hunts can vary from tent camps through trailer/motorhome camps to working Alberta ranches, local B & Bs, motels and Guest Resort cabins.



Trophy Hunters Alberta has twice won the highly coveted Alberta Professional Outfitters Society award for the 'Largest Whitetail - Archery' on an outfitted hunt (out of 450 outfitters). THA owns 167 whitetail deer allocations, allowing THA clients to hunt whitetail deer throughout extensive areas of southern, south-western and west-central Alberta. Hunt Alberta in our extensive world class whitetail deer hunting zones covering over 15,000 square miles.

Tim Wells, TV Host of Outdoor Traditions harvested this monster whitetail with his bow.Tim would return many times and has harvested several Pope & Young whitetail deer over the years.

We can provide a whitetail hunt in the mountains, the foothills, the prairies and everything in between. We hunt bush, woodlots, open country, river bottoms, coulees, draws, grain fields, etc.

A few years back, a new world record archery whitetail deer (#2 B&C) was harvested in Alberta by resident Wayne Zaft. This whitetail deer grossed 222 B&C and netted 208 6/8.

We offer a range of accommodations from working ranches to B&Bs, guide's homes, cabins, motels and full service lodges in the breathtaking mountain, foothills and prairie regions east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

THA provides both archery and rifle hunts for Alberta's massive whitetail deer. Our guides are tested, proven and capable, with all of our archery hunts being guided by experienced bow hunters.



Elk are, without a doubt, the most majestic animal in the North American big game deer family and Alberta offers some of the finest elk hunting available anywhere. With Trophy Hunters Alberta, you can hunt Alberta for elk throughout the forested area leading into the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies and throughout the rolling foothills region in southern Alberta.

THA currently has 39 elk allocations (about 10%) and a number of premium options for hunting elk both during the rut and in our late season elk hunts. For the serious elk hunter seeking a realistic hunting opportunity for Alberta elk, THA should be your outfitter of choice.

With the high demand for hunting elk in Alberta, and the limited availability of tags in the province (due to strict Fish and Wildlife management of this species), THA recognizes the difficulty prospective hunters encounter when seeking to secure desirable placement for an upcoming season, particularly for groups. Although elk are, without a doubt, the most difficult species of ungulate to hunt, especially when they are being aggressively pursued, THA typically has a success ratio as good as, and usually better than, most other elk outfitters in the Province.

Accommodation is typically on a working Alberta ranch, in a remote tent camp, a rustic remote lodge (complete with restaurant, store, satellite TV and other amenities) or in a local motel in a small town in, or near, the hunting zone.

We offer both archery and rifle hunts. Our hunts start August 25 for the 'early season' (pre-rut) with the rut commencing mid September. During October there may be a 2nd and/or 3rd rut and then on October 25th we commence our 'late season' hunts until the end of November.

To book your 2010 hunt (or 2011 or 2012 hunt at current pricing) with Alberta's most respected big game outfitter,


Trophy Hunters Alberta is currently offering the following specials. Please contact us to reserve your next hunt.

This is the year to hunt moose in Alberta. Alberta Moose hunts are unique opportunities to harvest not only a great rack but also some great meat. There is limited moose hunting across North America and the Rocky Mountains of Alberta offer spectacular country for hunting the “biggest” of the big game that we offer. These hunts have been very popular over the years as our camps offer good food and lots of fun!

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