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Wizard Lake Outfitting Alberta, Canada hunting Outfitters & Guides

We specialize in guided hunts for whitetail deer black bear and moose in Alberta, Canada
Wizard Lake Outfitting is Alberta's most successful archery outfitter!

We live where we hunt and are very fortunate to live in an area rich in wildlife. Our whitetail deer hunts take place in Alberta's central Parkland region, famous for producing world-class whitetail deer. The vast Boreal forest of northern Alberta is where our black bear camp is located, an area that is producing some of the largest black bears in North America. The Aspen mixed wood foothills are abundant with moose and you will have no problem spotting some real trophies on your hunt with us.

Wizard Lake Outfitting provides professional, personalized guided hunts. We are a small operation and take great pride in running a first class hunting outfit. We offer high quality, successful hunts for trophy whitetails, black bear and moose. Our hunting areas are prime spots for trophy big game and both our rifle hunters and bowhunters have had great success hunting with us.

>>> Bear Hunts

We specialize in guided black bear bowhunts and rifle bear hunts in the remote wilderness of Alberta Canada.

Our new black bear hunting area is located as far north as you can drive in central Alberta. We have over 6000 sq miles of remote Canadian wilderness to hunt. This is prime bear habitat and one of the best black bear hunting areas left in Alberta. There is a high density of big black bears and most have never seen man before!

We use ATV's to get to over 50 active bear bait sites. Stands are set 10 -50yds from the baits. There is a 2 black bear limit, we encourage harvesting only mature boars and have a 150% success rate. About 20% are color phase bears and the average size is over 6 feet up to 7.5 feet and 500lbs.

Wolves are abundant in the area and tags are unlimited. During the days a near by lake provides fantastic fishing for big Northern Pike!

Accommodations are a first class wall-tent camp complete with home cooked meals from a central kitchen, private sleeping tents, air tight heaters, comfortable beds, a hot shower, an outhouse, and a shooting range.

This is a Black Bear Hunting Adventure you have to experience! Big Bears! Big Fish! Great Camp!

NOW BOOKING 2010 Black Bear Hunts!
May 16- June 5 - 6 days of hunting per week
$3250 US 2nd bear $750

>>> Whitetail Hunts

We specialize in guided whitetail deer bowhunts and rifle whitetail hunts in the remote wilderness of Alberta Canada. Hunt Alberta for Trophy Whitetail Deer with Wizard Lake Outfitting Bow & Rifle Whitetail Hunting Outfitters and Guides.

Whitetail Deer Bowhunts- Early Season:
We offer early season Whitetail bowhunts from September 1st to October 31st. During early season Sept bowhunts bucks are still in bachelor groups and on predictable feeding patterns. Pre-rut bowhunts in late October is when bucks are on scrape lines and susceptible to calling, decoying, and rattling. Your chances of harvesting a trophy buck during this time are as good as during the rut. Whitetail bucks in the 140 - 160" class are common and the big ones are the biggest bucks in the world. Bowhunters on a typical Whitetail hunt can expect at least one opportunity at a P&Y Alberta whitetail buck.

Whitetail Deer Bowhunts- Rut:‚€®Hunt the famous 'Bow-Only' Zone surrounding Alberta's capital city of Edmonton. The Bowzone is arguably the best Whitetail deer bow hunting zone in the world. Located in the Parkland Region of Alberta, the area has been off limits to guns since 1974. The area contains prime Whitetail habitat consisting of aspen woodlots for cover surrounded by agricultural fields for feed. We hunt on private property during the peak of the rut. This is a limited opportunity, in the last two years 13 bowhunters killed 9 P&Y bucks scoring between 134"-195", with an average score of 158".‚€®‚€®Wizard Lake Outfitting took Alberta Outfitters 2007 Top Awards for Archery Typical & Non-Typical Whitetail
Whitetail Deer Rifle hunts- Rut:‚€®We offer peak of the rut rifle Whitetail hunting in Alberta's famous central farmland region. We stand hunt from ground blinds to heated tower stands depending on hunting conditions. Rattling is extremely effective at this time of year, 50% of bucks killed are rattled in. In 2006 Whitetail rifle hunters were 100% successful. In 2007 despite extremely warm temperatures and no snow, 8 Whitetail rifle hunters killed 7 bucks.‚€®‚€®

NOW BOOKING 2010 Whitetail Deer Hunts!‚€®
Early Season Bow - Sept 12-18; 19-25 Sept26- oct2; Oct24-3: $3,500 US‚€®Bow Zone Rut - Nov 1-6; 8-13: $4,500 US‚€®Rifle Rut - Nov 15-20; 22-27: $5,000 US

>>> Moose & Elk Hunts

We specialize in guided moose bowhunting in the remote wilderness of Alberta Canada.

Moose Rut bow hunts:‚€®The Northern region of Alberta holds an abundance of Moose. This region consists of dense Aspen Spruce forests which provide perfect habitat for Moose to thrive in. The average bull moose will have antler spreads between 35"- 40", and mature bull moose will be between 40"- 55" wide. ‚€®‚€®We bow hunt for moose during the peak of the rut in late September to early October. The preferred hunting method is to walk and call looking for rutting bulls. At this time bulls in search of cows are extremely responsive to calling. Once we get a response we set the hunter out in front of the caller. This is an excellent opportunity to harvest a P&Y moose and to experience the rush of calling a bull moose in to close range. ‚€®‚€®We hunt from a first class wall-tent camp complete with a central kitchen, private sleeping tents, air tight heaters, comfortable beds, a hot shower, an outhouse, and a shooting range. ‚€®‚€®

NOW BOOKING 2010 Moose Hunts!‚€®
Sept 26 - Oct 2 and Oct 3-9‚€®$5,000.00 US

>>> Hunting Area

Wizard lake Outfitting hunts the very best areas of Alberta for Whitetail Deer, Black Bear, Moose, and Elk.
Black Bear Camp is 5 hrs north of Edmonton within the Boreal Forest Region. This area consists of mixed aspen and spruce forests on the uplands and black spruce bogs and beaver dams in the lowlands. This area is ideal Black Bear habitat and so vast and wild that many bears have never seen man. ‚€®‚€®Moose and Elk Camp is 1 hr Southwest of Grande Prairie within the Foothills Region. This area consists of a gently rolling landscape of aspen and spruce forests. The area has numerous oil exploration lines, ideal for access to call in Moose and Elk.‚€®‚€®Whitetail Lodge is 1hr Southwest of Edmonton within the Parkland Region - a mosaic of aspen woodlands, grasslands and rich soils that produce lush agricultural crops. It is characterized by a species rich understory that provides ideal cover and browse for deer.

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